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Image: Claude Lynch. Capital cities are, more often than not, a focal point for the stark divide between rich and poor — places where the most economically deprived meet the most economically empowered. In London, these divides can be more than stark: they can be close, even intimate, and there are districts where crossing the street can be like entering a different world.

mike and lisa pissed

A67 closed both ways following accident blocking access to A Cyclist taken to hospital after being hit by car near park. Duncan Bannatyne back as CEO of fitness chain. Explosives charge for man after A closure; searches ongoing in Middlesbrough.

8 Things No One Ever Told You About Sex | Her Campus

Pair jailed after crisps and chocolate theft led to Spar shop fracas 5. Read more. Artistic collaborators Shlain and Goldberg will describe how their art projects and experiences with technology are leading them to rediscover old barricades. Please visit the Diversity and Inclusion Lunch page to sign up for the event. Abstract: Many researchers and evangelists argue that V. Global South women of color, non-white refugee women, and trans women are all virtual objects of identification in virtual reality and video games, platforms that are inextricably connected yet carry very different moral and ethical connotations.

Paper: Virtually the Same Experience? Alum production from slate requires large quantities of urine. Why human urine? It was time to turn to London.

How to get the Cockney urine to North Yorkshire? The answer lay in the existing coastal traffic arising from the transport of coal from Newcastle to London. Having dumped their coal in east London, ships were returning up the coast empty. Why not give them the job of ferrying barrels of piss to Whitby?

Incidentally, the urine was left by Londoners in buckets on street corners, for which a small but adequate payment was made. The contents of these were collected by wagons, in a bizarre reversal of the milk-round principle, and taken to the East End for barrelling and shipping.

Shocking images show Bank Holiday revellers on night out in Newcastle

It would be interesting to know how the payments were shared between the various contributors to a bucket. Subscribe to comments with RSS. But we, who have been following the antics of the Rightpondians, have gotten with the jive, and believe me, we can take the piss as well as well, maybe not quite as well as you blokes. Both are said by fictional servicemen, which led me to suppose a forces origin. The Phrase Finder , however, has this to say:.

It is now more generally accepted that the phrase came about as rhyming slang.

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Season's Greetings

Streaming and Download help. A Manchester Melodeath supergroup, featuring our glorious fiery vocalist singing songs about death instead of penises. Footprints In The Custard. If you like Footprints In The Custard, you may also like:. Witch Tripper released a little gem with their hard rocking self titled debut now they are back with a big glistening diamond Full review here Masters of Absurdity by Foetal Juice.

Immense, groovy heavy death shit. As The Kingdom Drowns by Psycroptic.

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The Australian tech-death mainstays stay the gore-ridden course with a reliable set of seething, riff-laden ragers. A new compilation series featuring cat-loving metal bands from every state donating their tracks for local animal welfare organizations.

Man jailed for bashing eight-week-old kitten

The UK band bring the wild "Saturnian Black Magick" of their live shows to a full-length rooted in the Swedish black metal tradition. Toxic Orochi. Lou Yardley. Karen Marshall. Animal MkIV. Dave Ingram Jr. Bill the aging metal head. Colin Tyler. John Matthews. Shaun Green.