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  4. ‘Broken Wings’: Jia Pingwa’s controversial novel explores human trafficking and rural China
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Mister - Tangent Tears Mr. Mister - Hunters of The Night Mr. Mister - Dust Mr.

Broken Wings at Dubai Opera | Visit Dubai

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Mister - Life Goes On Mr. Mister - Partners In Crime Mr. Mister - I Wear the Face Mr. Mister - Runaway Mr. Mister - Healing Waters Mr. Mister - Don't Slow Down Mr. Mister - Talk The Talk Mr.

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Mister - Control Mr. Mister - Code of Love Mr. Mister - The Tube Mr. Mister - Uniform Of Youth Mr. Mister - Watching The World Mr. Mister - Welcome to the Real World. I'm sure that they could be really interesting And some are harder to recover from.

On Broken Wings

But this This is the only important thing we have. I think that Dante is a little bit shaddy, but still I liked him very much and i'm waited to find more about his role in all of that, because i"m sure that there are more to him!!! Of course, i hated Riley's biological mother and i don't trust her a bit!!! Also the guys's fathers sucked!!!! I also need some fuckin' answers about Oscar's death!!!

‘Broken Wings’: Jia Pingwa’s controversial novel explores human trafficking and rural China

I'm positive that Riley's appearance in Delta wasn't sooo accidentally after all!!!! I need the next book as you can realize Especially aftert that damn cliffy!!! I'd given my trust to the heirs, and they had betrayed me. I'd given my heart to Beck, and he had smashed it into a million fucking pieces View all 26 comments. Mar 18, Lindsey Marie rated it it was amazing.

It had all the NA feels to it, but it was somewhat darker. If you enjoyed the Amo Jones Elite Series. Jun 30, Kim rated it it was ok Shelves: read-in , kindle-unlimited , new-adult , romance , contemporary. Mar 25, Kira rated it it was ok Shelves: abandoned-series , eyeroll-inducing , asshole-alpha , insta-love , dark-romance , over-the-top-drama , young-adult , tstl-heroine. So many things about this were ridiculous such as the rules at the school and way the Delta company worked. The boys were so amazing that they lived, according to them, through more than one plane crash because they were trained in survival.

Yeah right. These kids ranged in age from 17 to 20, but they were all in high school. It's beyond me as to why a 20 year old who is set to take control of a portion of a 2. It's beyond me as to why a 20 year old who is set to take control of a portion of a large business in a few months was still in high school. His family was insanely rich. They would have bought his way out of high school if he had been too dumb to graduate, which he wasn't. Despite all of them being young, the boys had extreme survival skills and their medical capabilities rivaled those of doctors.

They were also businessmen and highly trained killers. You know, just the usual things rich teens are. The situation with Riley didn't make a lot of sense either. Why would she have been given away especially when heirs were important? She went from being hated by the guys to loved overnight and vice versa.

K'Lee - Broken Wings

At first she hated her situation. As she learned more about the shitty situation she was being thrown into, she didn't care about the danger because the guys were her friends.

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They were virtually strangers! She may not have had the various skills the guys did, but at 17, she was a legendary underground car racer. Once again, super realistic.

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It ended on a huge cliffhanger. I hadn't known exactly what would happen but view spoiler [the betrayal was expected. It proved that she was a pathetic kid in way over her head. Considering she was betrayed by everyone in her new life, I don't want to read the next book. I don't want their poor behavior to be either explained away or forgiven. As far as the end goes, I'm guessing she didn't actually shoot anyone. If she did, I've lost all respect for her because she's their puppet. Broken wings was amazing! A bully romance with four hot Elite guys and a kick ass heroine Lies, deceit, broken trust, passion and a shit tonne of secrets.

The writing was amazing and I loved how action packed and fast paced the book was. Sebastian Roman motherfucking Beckett was just everything. Cold calculating, ruthless, sweet and gentle all rolled in to one. He is the king and I want to be his queen. A kick ass, take no shit, middle finger to anyone who questions her girl.

yuzu-washoku.com/components/2019-12-23/1670.php Her inner dialogue was hysterical and had me LOL constantly. That ending I am not ok and I kind of need book 2 NOW!! Enter the dark world of the Heirs of Delta and their queen View 2 comments. Mar 19, Rebecca ellis rated it it was amazing.