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What would it mean? A pair of red shoes, as worn at one time or another by almost every leading lady in a Lynch piece.

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As Diane, she wears red flats and reconnects with her men. In another waiting room, at a police station in Vegas, Janey-E Naomi Watts wears red flats and wishes that the man she calls Dougie MacLachlan would come back to himself, or at least to her bed, while the audience wishes the man we know as Cooper would return to being. Symbolism, not that it matters. Like a dream wherein everyone we know looks entirely different from life and yet is somehow recognizable, the experience of being with others online deranges the contents of our heads, making new content, but we are not required to find it meaningful or act upon whatever meanings we find there.

Annette Michelson in her essay on Breton et al. We cannot say that Cooper will ever be fully present. Ditto a message from Major Briggs, sealed for years in a gadget only his son Bobby Dana Ashbrook knows how to open, and written in a private language only Bobby knows how to read. More than the wireless-enabled romances between old characters, or the inside jokes, the credence Lynch gives to this preposterous blog is a gift to all the out-there fans who turned the original Twin Peaks into a message-board sensation.

Richard Horne Eamon Farren. Emerging on all fours from the woods, she is found and taken to the emergency room, where she, uninsured, requires a life-saving operation.

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  • A bad thought arrives: He could pull a Leland Palmer and suffocate the witness at her bedside. The borrowing is purposeful, but unnecessary: Twin Peaks: The Return has a budget to dwarf that of the —91 Twin Peaks , and it has shelved the soap we saw there, a show within a show, Invitation to Love. Replacing its communal pulse is Dr.

    Tricky to say where his heart lies, but his hearing aid is tuned to the outcry at a new, buzzy pitch. He hands cash to a resident who, troubled with rent, has been selling his blood plasma to the hospital. Being Canadian, I did not know this was something you could do. Drink in, drink full. Time and character, in their enormous codependency, drive The Return.

    Laura, less so. And Audrey? Audrey Horne Sherilyn Fenn , so singular as a precocious teenager, makes her hotly awaited return not in the eleventh hour, where I expected her, but three-quarters through the twelfth, after a sudden jump cut. C Kyle MacLachlan.

    ‘Twin Peaks’ Finale: That Last Scene Gave Us a Major Callback and Clue About the World

    Audrey tongue-thrashes her tiny husband Clark Middleton for not helping her find her lover, a sober farmer named Billy; and her husband calls a woman she despises, maybe his own lover. Ditto in the face of MacLachlan. But he does seem evil, and mostly she seems disappointed. When I said the web was a substitute for the dream-world, I did not add that being online feels less phantasmagoric and venturesome as we professionalize, try to grow up, and play limited versions of ourselves.

    Episode 29

    The former members of the force, and its forerunner, Project Blue Book, are mostly dead or missing; and William Hastings, the layman who got physically closest to the metaphysical origins of the mystery, finds his head exploded crushed by a Woodsman, invisible to the others when he takes the agents and Diane to the dilapidated tract at Sycamore, where he first found the portal.

    Any scene can be stolen by Diane, who has the advantage of being played by Laura Dern: casually, brilliantly. Lynch exacts in every episode, more noticeably in the recent, quieter ones, these little ariosos that balloon, change shape, and deflate. She watches what is happening as if she were remembering it a decade from now. Ashbrook and Seyfried could play those dogs with eyes the size of teacups and water wheels in the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, and their companionship too is doglike, hushed. Sky Ferreira, the very modern bombshell with an ash-in-ice-cream voice, appears at the Roadhouse at the end of episode nine as one of the locals who, with their unrecurring, relatively heterogenous appearances, make a jangling chorus.

    Ferreira has never looked worse, making the before-seen single mom on heroin Hailey Benton Gates look like a heroin addict in a Calvin Klein ad. Compared to the nightmarish, as they say, state of the world, online feels lighter, more banal, and mere , like being stuck in an anxiety dream. There is constant refreshing, getting nowhere. The eleventh hour threatens to be his last, as the Mitchum Brothers plot to end him, having lost to him in jackpots and again in a bid to collect, from his insurance company, a thirty-million-dollar payment for arson. I could yell through the screen: Wake up!

    But one of the brothers, Bradley James Belushi , has a dream and unlike real dreams it predicts the day. He remembers it bit by bit as the day catches up, and this for Lynch is a clever, if not new, way to build suspense. Ding ding ding, the box holds a cherry pie. He still might die a meme. The single greatest performance of the series so far belongs to Grace Zabriskie as Sarah Palmer, unsurprising for this magnificent seventy-six-year-old actress but all the same a shake of the bones.

    Maybe she means the Woodsmen, who are a kind of smoked meat incarnate. Or maybe the animals she disconsolately watched maul each other on the Discovery Channel, on a big flat-screen television, in the second hour. Hours after the outburst, a fan whirs monotonously in a lamp-less room and she answers the door as old Sarah, scarier with her cold, hard brow, her low-burning eyes, and her corroded smile suggesting a mettle twisted to bitter ends.

    I watched these two episodes on a television like that, huge in a small room, dark, the way Lynch intended. Besides, the television costs less than the phone. The head should be significantly, alarmingly bigger than yours, and in a portrait shot, from the shoulders up, it should be the size of a clock on the wall.

    Convenient alternatives begin to suck. On whatever websites, avatars the size of pencil erasers ease our forgetting the obvious, like that the owners of these avatars also have homes, incomprehensible habits, old haunts on certain square miles in a subdivided country, and especially that they have other faces, shaded minutely by expressions never represented in a reaction GIF. Can representation make us stronger? On The Return , it matters that the stories are disparate, that worlds diverge and are weirdly, sparsely populated, so that the faces do not appear in a crowd.

    Nadine Hurley Wendy Robie.

    Twin Peaks, decoded for novices and obsessives alike - Vox

    Anthony Sinclair Tom Sizemore , a double agent at the company, calls his other, criminal boss, Mr. Todd Patrick Fischler says Sinclair has one day to finish the job. The clock ticks.

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    After work, around 6 PM by the light on the stucco, the cops at the Las Vegas Police Department continue to bungle the case involving Dougie Jones and Sinclair buys cyanide from a crooked detective John Savage. Night falls on Sonny Jim carousing around his new gym set, courtesy of the Mitchum Brothers. In the driveway there is a brand-new convertible, ditto. The car, a BMW M3 convertible in alpine white, dates to and the scene was filmed in , and presumably it was just the most recent car available, but if this were happening two years before the rest of the show, or if time were zigzagging, it would not be a shocker.

    He seems unsure whether it has really been two years. His accent belongs to a Confederate soldier who defected and joined up with Australian pirates.

    Dougie, over coffee and pie with his would-be poisoner, foils the plot by giving him a silent, firm massage, a gesture that would be alien to Dougie and, if witting, is clever and evidences the remaining nature of Coop. The lights go white. Todd, who was himself operating under long-distance control, presumably by Jeffries, and tells Hutch Tim Roth on the phone to order French fries.

    So far, easy.

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    The scenes are not all linearly shown, but the times line up in Vegas and in South Dakota, and in Twin Peaks. Kierkegaardian, really, to find beauty nowhere but in ethics, to resolve a triangle in the symmetry of goodness returned. Why are the pieces so cohering?