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  1. Identify and Remove the Jezebel spirit
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In this thought-provoking guide, you will learn how to use that government to cast out the spirits of Jezebel, Ahab and any other demonic spirit operating in your life. The notorious Jezebel spirit is so wicked of a spirit that it is often referred to as the bride of Satan. Crafty, manipulative, seductive and controlling, the Jezebel spirit has destroyed many good names, marriages, churches and lives. It prides itself on its ability to mask itself and deceive even the most astute believer.

Volume II of Jezebellion is a warfare and deliverance manual. This book is written to help you to better understand the kingdom of darkness; that way, you can effectively war against the Jezebel spirit, as well as any other demon that dares to rise against you. Volume I helped you to identify Jezebel's trademark behaviors, but Volume II is more-so a study of your enemy. Understand this: there is a difference between war and warfare and Satan gets the advantage over many believers because he engages them in warfare, while they try to engage him in war!

In this comprehensive guide, you will learn to strategize against the enemy who's been strategizing against you. You will learn how to take back your peace, joy and anything else Satan or his associate Jezebel has stolen from you! In , God birthed me into the ministry of deliverance. I hadn't had any formal teachings regarding deliverance; instead, a lot of what I learned about demonic spirits came from, of course, the Holy Spirit and from my many encounters with them.

The Holy Spirit was and is my Teacher.

At the same time, before I could even think about attempting to take anyone through deliverance, I first had to take myself through deliverance … repeatedly. By this time, I'd had countless encounters with the Jezebel spirit. As a matter of fact, God told me a few years earlier that He was going to use me to write a book about the Jezebel spirit.

Every now and again, I would wonder when that time would come because I'd learned so much from encountering and wrestling with that spirit that I would always feel like I was ready to write the book.

Identify and Remove the Jezebel spirit

But I wasn't. The reason for this is … I'd met Jezebel in a few of her forms, but there was much more to Jezebel than I understood. Even when I came in contact with people who had the Jezebel spirit, I would ignore God's voice if their traits did not line up with my definition of the Jezebel spirit. I looked for dominant control and sexual immorality, and while these are traits of the Jezebel spirit, there are more traits that many are unaware of. Jezebels are often believed to be ungodly women who would stop at nothing to get what they want, but this is only a limited definition.

Spiritual Warfare: When Jezebel's Witchcraft Keeps You Up at Night

The truth is … the Jezebel spirit is a spirit, meaning, it does not possess a gender, even though most spirits are referred to using masculine verbiage. With that being said, the Jezebel spirit can inhabit a man, just as it can inhabit a woman. How do I know? I've met it a few times in men as well. Howbeit, the Jezebel spirit is more commonly found in women and there is a reason for this. The Jezebel spirit hates godly authority, so it prefers to dwell in women since God gave the husband the position of authority over his household.


This includes his wife and children. In order for it to establish and strengthen itself, Jezebel first needs to operate in someone's legal authority. This is similar to what other demonic spirits do. They don't have earth-suits bodies , and this renders them illegal in the realm of the earth, so they enter the bodies legal vessels of people and make their dwelling there.

This is also similar to gang initiation. Gangs will often require their potential new members to commit a violent crime before they are accepted into the gang. This is called initiation. Demonic spirits have initiations too. For example, an Ahab is oftentimes nothing but a Jezebel in a training bra. The person is being trained to walk as a Jezebel. This initiation process is complete once the ahab'ed soul successfully manages to ahab a person of authority.

In marriage, Jezebel needs to establish and strengthen herself by first getting the husband to relinquish his authority. She then has to operate in his authority, meaning, she begins to act as the head of the home.

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Why is this? Because God established a marital order that would ensure that He would remain as the supreme authority over that household. However, disorder removes God as the head or operable authority over a household so, in short, Jezebel needs to remove God to operate. By removing Christ the head of the man from the order that was instituted by God, Jezebel successfully manages to keep her lover from having the mind of Christ.

This opens him up to one of the spirits in Jezebel's network called the spirit of mind control. As you can see, God has established an order that would ensure that He remains the head of every household. However, the Jezebel spirit cannot operate in a household where the order of God is faithfully carried out. So to establish itself and function, it first has to pervert change the order around so that the couple will operate in sin. Their disorderly marriage would then be rendered ungodly, making it an environment for Jezebel and other demonic spirits to thrive.

For this reason, God told us to not be unequally yoked with unbelievers 2 Corinthians The Jezebel spirit is an illegal spirit that has no authority except the authority given to it by a believer. Think of it this way. If Ahab had not married Jezebel, she could not have come to Israel and started establishing laws. She would have been a trespasser; an illegal alien and as such, even the smallest of the Israelites would have had the legal authority to arrest bind her.

However, when Ahab married her, he made the illegal woman a legal authority figure. Let's visit this from the spiritual side.


It was many of our sins that allowed demonic spirits to enter us. Many of us were even once bound by generational demons that came in through our bloodline. Nevertheless, when we got saved, God canceled out the death in us that came in through our familial bloodlines with the blood of Christ Jesus. Jezebels cause them to doubt their decisions, capability, manhood, worth, etc.

They control and scorn, sarcasm, sharp tongue, public humiliation, emotional outbursts, nagging, and endless demands nothing is ever enough. Jezebels are not always brash, overt, aggressive, or bossy. They may be more subtle, otwardly gracious, but just as determined to have their own way. Jezebels may resort to control by tears, fear, rejection, guilt, pouting, silence, sickness, or self-pity. They often cause a spiritual leader to flee his appointed place, as Elijah did. Jezebels are responsible for hundreds of resignations of pastors and spiritual leadefrs a year.

The jezebel spirit cuts off the life of spiritual leadership. His reputation or ministry may be taken by character assassination or enticement into sexual immorality. Jeezebels seek out people of influence to win their ear, gain credibility, and win endorsement. They try to ally with them, influence them, or establish a bond with them.

They seek out places of leadership, are self-promoting, and proclaim themselves to be prophets. They provide inside information and gain a following, and thus lead people to take their eyes off the Lord. This is the blackmailing spirit that operates with Jezebel.

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You need me. They are trying to fill a love deficit. They seek continual affirmation and stroking of ego through position, being on the platform, occupying the spotlight, singing solos, holding key chairmanships, etc.

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Jezebels need to be popular, please people, be accepted and approved, be needed, be on the inside, or make other dependent on them. They seek security in the good opinion of others of what they do. They operate on performance-based acceptance. They are striving to prove something to themselves and others-to prove their worth, to get their emotional needs met, to feel good based on what they do. Jezebellion Vol 1 by Tiffany Buckner

They are perfectionist and legalistic. Jezebels always have deep, unhealed wounds from one or more sources:. REJECTION early in life, abandonment or emotional remoteness by father or mother, illness, premature death, neglect because of birth order, loneliness, isolation, or rejection by significant others for example, because of physical appearance. Fear is the principal entry for the Jezebel spirit to vulnerable, threatened people; Jezebels seek to control in order to feel secure. The spirit of jezebel often takes up residence in a person after a wound from the past, usually rejection or insecurity in some form.

They intend to get what they want at all costs, but this intention can be cleverly disguised, Jezebels use flattery, saying what you want to hear, to win you over to their domination. Jezebels are masters of manipulation by guilt, gifts, innuendo, insinuation, undermining influence, or discrediting. They may exhibit false humility or submission, while they feed their own pride and seek to get their way.

They may dominate, control, and manipulate to gain their own agenda. Jezebels use flirtation and womanly wiles. They are extremely jealous of anyone they perceive to be a threat or who gets close enough to influence someone they want to control. They can emit jealousy into a room, as they play one person against another. They are divisive and send separation and strife into the strongest relationships.